View Full Version : Citabria aerobatic harness

Ed Wild
February 1st 04, 05:38 PM
My 1969 7KCAB is fitted with non-folding seats, and military aerobatic
harness front and rear. Recently I acquired a replacement folding seat
to take the place of the existing fixed, one-piece model in the rear.

I'm aware of AD 81-16-04 dated July 1981, which calls for a
supplemental Acro Harness to be fitted in addition to the existing
standard harness. Is the reason for the requirement for both standard
and Acro harness being used together due to the Acro harness alone not
providing forward impact protection -or is there more to it than that?

The A.D. is unclear on whether it is applicable to aircraft with
folding seats, fixed seats –or to both seat types. Can anyone shed
further light on this AD requirement. Also, does the requirement to
run shoulder straps on the front face of the seat back apply equally
to fixed and folding seats?

Finally, the replacement seat came complete with a Pacific Scientific
five-point inertia-reel harness (the reel is marked ‘American Safety'
) Does this inertia reel harness qualify as acceptable equipment for
an aerobatic aircraft?


Ed Wild