View Full Version : UFO sightings are down, Homebuilt Flyers!

February 5th 05, 01:11 AM

You guys, UFO sightings are way down. What's the deal? Are ya' goin'
broke er' what? Did you loose something on the safety factors, or is
it just because, I quit handing out the instructions? Awe, come on you
guys. I've seen battery operated devices, attempts to travel time that
weren't so unsuccessful just unsurvivable. A few points to remember,
it's like flying a microwave turned inside out. You climb into the
faraday cage, and the power passes over you.

This diagram is upside down, the anode belongs on the top.

Positive grounded wire mesh supports the dielectric hull and is used as
a form for the fiberglass to construct the saucer. It stickly goes up.
Gyros could be used to tilt the device, or if you are more
inginuitive. You can use a multilayered dielectric hull.

It all starts here with the fuel. Add a third and fourth component to
the mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, flouride, and helium as a coolant.
The curie temperature of the metals used are critical if functionality
is going to maintain a high effeciency, and steady reliable output.

Example using a set up similar to a standard combustion engine run by
an electric motor as a piston fuel pump to feed the combustion chambers
short bursts of fuel. The example is strictly designed for thrust not
power generation. Refer to my web page in the previous paragraph above
for modifications.
ha ha ha.

More than one person has built one of these and seen it on TV. Filming
these things flying in backyard, even when it's a flop and only gets to
about 150 feet and just hovers and drifts in the wind is better than

If I had money, I would have left this planet a long, long time ago and
be in a galaxy far far away.