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David Townend
September 7th 03, 11:52 PM
Available from AeroFile Publications, is the Second Revised Edition of
"Military Aircraft Designations and Systems". Revised and expanded from the
1995 edition, the Second edition now features designations from more
countries and many of the original designation systems have been updated and

In all, over 9,000 separate designations are featured from military
designations used by the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia and
Sweden from 1913 to present day. A new addition is military engines and
missile listings.

The original edition is long sold out, and this new edition will be an asset
for researchers, historians and aircraft spotters.

Please log onto www.ultratech.net/~davtow for more information on "Military
Aircraft Designations and Systems" and all the fine products from AeroFile.


David R Townend