View Full Version : WAC 2003 Day 6 - From Douglass Lovell

Andrew Boyd
July 2nd 03, 03:51 PM
Reposted from the IAC mailing list:

We have nearly finished Program 2, the first unknown. There are five
pilots remaining to fly, including Debby Rihn-Harvey and Robert Armstrong.
Kirby had a good flight today to climb back in the standings.

Low clouds in the box delayed flying until nearly lunch time. The judges
watched two warm-up pilots from the east side of the box before the break.
Two public roads run beneath the box. Agreements with local authorities
have the roads closed for specific hours when the box will be open. Those
hours require the lunchtime break. Without that constraint, we probably
would have kept flying. An afternoon thunderstorm cut us short of
finishing the last five pilots, even though we forwent the PM break.

It was kind of relaxing this morning watching the clouds drift by in the
box, trading stories, reading Alan Cassidy's new book, _Better
Aerobatics_, and analyzing the second unknown.


If anyone would like to draw the WAC first unknown and speculate on how to
fly it, here it is. It requires strategic thinking on both axes of the
box. Very cool. How should figure 1 be positioned? How can a competitor
keep both figures nine and eleven in the box? Few have so far. Where
does figure 4 have to start so figure seven stays in the box? It has been
fun to watch.

1. Y-axis entry. 1+1/4 inside spin followed by 3/4 outside snap same
direction, pull to vertical up, 1+1/4 roll, push to exit upright downwind.
2. Outside loop downward, integrate four point roll at the bottom.
3. Vanilla sawtooth down: push to 45, pull to vertical, pull to exit
upwind inverted.
4. P: Inverted entry to inverted spin followed by roll same direction,
pull three quarter loop, exit upwind inverted.
5. Lay-down humpty: push to 45, 4/8 roll to upright, push half loop, 1/2
inside snap to upright, pull upright exit.
6. Humpty: pull to vertical, full outside snap, push over to vertical, 3/4
roll, exit upright on the Y.
7. P: pull to vertical, 3/4 outside snap, pull 3/4 loop downwind with
integrated 8pt roll at the top, half roll followed by 3/2 opposite to exit
upright upwind.
8. 180 rolling turn: roll once inside, once outside.
9. Lay-down humpty: pull to 45, full inside snap, push to 45, half roll to
upright, exit upwind.
10. Diamond: four point roll on first forty-five, full roll on third
11. Half loop up: 2/4 roll then 4/8 roll opposite at entry, 1+1/2 snap
followed by 1+1/2 roll same direction on exit downwind.


This is a description of the second unknown at the WAC 2003. It looks
easier than the first:

1. Inverted entry downwind to lay-down humpty: 45 down, half roll to
upright, pull to 45, half inside snap to upright, exit upwind.
2. U: 1+1/4 upright spin followed by half outside snap same direction,
pull to vertical, 3 of 4 pt roll, exit upright downwind.
3. Ouside loop down with integrated eight point roll.
4. Split S.
5. Hammer (stall turn): roll up, inside snap down, pull to exit upright
6. Triple-pull humpty: 3/4 outside snap up, 1/4 roll down, exit upwind.
7. Diamond: 4pt roll on first 45, inside snap on third 45.
8. Pull-push-push humpty: vanilla, exit inverted downwind.
9. 3 of 2 pt roll followed by 2 of 4 pt roll opposite, push half loop up
followed by 1+1/2 roll followed by 4 of 8 pt roll opposite. Exit upright
10. Wheels down tailslide, half roll down, exit upright downwind.
11. Sharkstooth: pull vertical, 2 of 4 pt roll, push to 45, inside snap,
exit upright upwind.
12. Pull-push-pull humpty: four point roll up, 3 of 4 pt roll down, exit
upright on the Y.

The optional break is between figures 6 and 7.