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David R Townend
December 1st 03, 03:20 AM
As we did last year, AeroFile is celebrating the Holiday Season (and my
Birthday) with a sale of sorts. From December 1 to December 24, 2003, when
you order copy of "Military Aircraft Designations and Systems" we will pay
your shipping. What a great Holiday gift. We still have some copies
available, however, we are getting close to the end of our printing run. I
am sure that if we expected the kind of response we have had, we would have
budgeted for additional
copies. Revised and expanded from the 1995 edition, the Second edition now
features designations from more countries and many of the original
designation systems have been updated and expanded.

In all, over 9,000 separate designations are featured from military
designations used by the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia and
Sweden from 1913 to present day. A new addition is military engines and
missile listings.

The original edition is long sold out, so don't this edition run out before
you get your copy. The 2002 edition has been purchased from people in
Canada, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Great Britain and Australia and is an
asset for researchers, historians and aircraft spotters.

Please log onto www.ultratech.net/~davtow for more information on "Military
Aircraft Designations and Systems" and all the fine products from AeroFile.

David R Townend