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[email protected] January 9th 20 12:59 AM

Naval Aviation "A" School in Millington, TN
On Tuesday, May 6, 1997 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, wrote:
I am going to Millington, Tennessee for 6 months after boot camp.
Their training me to be an aviation electrian. Does anybody have any
info on this place?
Casey Cameron

Went to A school in Millington, March-May 1984. Hot, humid, crappy place to be. Memphis was cool, but I had to rent a car to get there. I also rode my first horse there on base....there was a little horse stable there where you could rent a horse for like 3 bucks an hour. I also took 2 or 3 flying lessons at the flying club. That was really cool! Also met a really cute girl who was way too young, but she was horny as hell. Ah, the memories!!

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