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Nicholas Kennedy June 15th 21 04:02 PM

Region 8 Soaring Championships Ephrata Wa 6-14-21
Task for all classes:
Grand Coulee Dam 15 m radius
Kramer Ranch 20 m radius
Hansen Silos 15 m radius
2:30 hrs min time
So basically up north, to the east, back to the west and home.
During Noel Wades weather briefing he put up a satellite loop that showed a thick stream of cirrus flowing over us from the south. I'm not a pessimist but I did not think we were going to fly because of this.
And then he was very specific that all models forecast a major rainstorm and 25-35 knots of wind starting at 5 pm.
Never the less at launch time it cleared and with one tow plane down for mechanical issues we took off, luckily I was 5th to go. I found a boomer off tow and there was a good climb at the exit edge of the start cylinder and I hooked up there with Joe Silvasi and Doug Easton and we started together and flew the first leg together.
The first leg was scattered clouds and not all of them were working and we were running from about 4.5-6K Kinda low for a Utah- Colorado pilot like me.. But we kept going and the second leg was streeting but still the climbs were elusive. I kept thinking about the upcoming wind and rain event and wanted to get home before that happened. I ran it into the 3rd cylinder until I lined up a couple of clouds to hit on the way home as I was under glider in my LS3a.
Luckily, one of them worked and I got a MC2 just over final glide started.
It worked out and I got home with a little bit to spare.
Shortly after I landed it picked up and this black wall with rain formed up..
Major rain front and a spectacular hours long lightning show.
Caught several out short of EPH. No damage that I heard of as of early this am.
I got here Friday afternoon and its rained everyday I've been here so far.
Good for the drought stricken farmers.
Suppose to be challenging weather today again, then good for the rest of the week.
Tim Martin and I have a long standing $5 Dailey bet and I took a fiver off him yesterday; took him 2 motor runs to get home from Mansfield

Results, day 1:
1 Nick Kennedy
2Doug Easton
3Tim Martin

1Christen Klix
2Stu Larimore
3Charles Longley

1Sean Franke
2Noel Wade
3Dave Mellon

When I was landing they were test flying the injured Pawnee, It had multiple problems, fuel leaks, leaking brakes etc etc. It looked like they jumped on it and fixed it so hope fully we will be up to full power today.

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