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Paul Tomblin April 11th 06 01:49 AM

PA28-161 Piper Warrior for sale
The Rochester Flying Club is selling our Warrior due to a lack of primary
students. The plane has been well kept and looks and flies way better
than you'd expect a 7850 hour plane to look and fly.

You can find the pictures and other details he

I did my primary training in her a long long time ago, but I rarely fly it
these days. You might recognize her because every time AvWeb run a news
story about bird strikes the use one of the following pictures (which they
never asked permssion for, by the way) from a little incident in 1999:
Nothing structural was damaged in that incident and it still flies nicely
hands-off so I assume that the control surfaces are balanced and true.

Paul Tomblin http://xcski.com/blogs/pt/
``Furthermore, [your wishlist item] would end up being the sort of system
feature that we in software engineering call an "SPR generator".''
- Paul S. Winalski

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