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[email protected] May 30th 20 07:36 PM

Bucker Jungmann & Jungmeister Survivors
søndag 7. mai 2000 09.00.00 UTC+2 skrev Alex Caslon følgende:
hi folks

I am trying to put together a list of Bucker Jungmann and Jungmeister
Survivors with a potted history for each aircraft. I've been using Peter
Cohausz's DEUTSCHE FLUGZEUGE Bis 1945 book listing as a starting point
and have also looked at information from the last edition of EUROPEAN
WRECKS & RELICS from Midland Counties which has provide updates etc.
I've also got the aircraft on the latest U.S.Civil Register.

Is anyone out there thracking them? I'm missing info for the period that
they were immediately surplussed (like the Spanish aircraft and Swiss
aircraft) in other words who were the first owners immediately after
they left the military?

Sorry this is a complicated post. ANY help, pointers towards articles on
the types MOST appreciated



Hi Alex,
I saw your post 20 years after!
Working with collecting data from the CASA Jungmanns.
Have so far found quite a lot.
If you are still trying to find Jungmanns, please contact me

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