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Graeme Cooper January 13th 09 08:43 PM

The BIG 40 reach for the skies again
Hi my name is Graeme Cooper and I am the guy that was in the front seat of the ASK21 glider that was destroyed by lightning in 1999, the flight was a birthday present to celebrate my 30th. Please visit my justgiving webpage to read my story and see what I am planning now for my 40th


Please help me to raise awareness and funds for the Parkinson's Disease Society by sending the above address to anyone who you think may be interested to see it

If you would like to make a donation that would be great!, please include your interset in flying i.e. BA Passenger plane pilot, Royal Navy helicopter pilot, Heron gliding club member etc next to your name so that I and others can see it. It would be good to see support from abroad too. I am contacting all the British gliding clubs for support. Every penny counts.

Many thanks

Graeme Cooper April 26th 09 10:02 PM

Well I did it. See my scrapbook of the days events of 10 years ago that has just been updated to include photos of my return to the sky:-

Thanks to all those who supported me in this for your messages of support and donations. You have helped me to help the Parkinson's Disease Society help others. The total raised so far is over 1500!

I will leave you in your aviation world, My feet are safer on the ground!

All the best and

Thank you

Graeme Cooper

Graeme Cooper May 16th 09 04:53 PM

I have updated my scrapbook to include the TV and radio interviews of my return flight and a film of the reconstruction if you are interested. See :- http://sites.google.com/site/thebig4...theskiesagain/


Graeme Cooper

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