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[email protected] January 23rd 05 11:56 PM

Amphib Husky For Sale
1996 A-1 Husky with Wipline 2100A's. 2150TTAFE. Compression 70's no oil
burn. Flown 400 hours a year last 5 years. Nice instruments. IFR GPS,
KX155. Everything working condition. Overall GOOD condition. VG's.
Currently on wheels. What a great airplane! The Husky really is the
nicest tandem for a float equipped setup. Gets off SHORT! Climbs to
14,000' at gross weight on the amphibs (21,000' on wheels). Cruise
100knots on amphibs, 120knots on wheels. Owner/CFI can give checkout.
$120,000. 303-664-1405. Buy it! You will love

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