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Default Anyone know what happened to Sky Life Flying Camp?

Hi everybody!

My grandmother learned to fly around age 16, which would have been 1940, at a school near her home in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. She was flying seaplanes on the Hudson. My mother knows that one of her instructors was called Lee Barnes. Do you think it would be the same guy, or perhaps his father?

The purpose of me writing this is that she turns 90 years old next February, and I want to track down a copy of her aviation license to give to her, which she has misplaced and speaks fondly of finding. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would be sooo appreciative.

Thank you!

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On Tuesday, September 25, 2001 at 4:05:48 PM UTC-4, Jeffrey wrote:
I am an alumnus of Sky Life Flying Camp in Northville, New York. I attended
in the summer of 1986, and had a really good time there. I was about a
month shy of my 16th birthday, so although my instructor, Jay Treat III,
told me he thought I was ready, I could not solo after my 10 hours of dual
time there.

At the time, I was instructed in N2733U. I was informed that 33U was the
Cessna 172 that had soloed the most student pilots in the world, and
arrangements were being made to have it placed on display in the National
Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. It was quite an old plane, I'm
sure at least a decade older than I am, and even had manual flaps!
(something I've never seen in another plane)

In 1996, I heard a nasty rumor about the demise of the camp, and I have not
been able to find out if it is extant or defunct. I also know nothing of
the whereabouts or condition of N2733U.

I would appreciate any information anyone can provide about Lee Barnes, Jay
Treat III, Sky Life Flying Camp, or N2733U. Email

Thank you!


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Good to hear from you Dan!