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Default ZAON XRX Problem

"Steve - KDMW" wrote

On Apr 12, 4:16 pm, "G. Paleologopoulos"

"Steve - KDMW" wrote

I have a new XRX that I've flown with about 10 times now. Today, when
I turned
it on, all I got on the display was a light gray solid square. It
never got as
far as the ZAON splash screen.

Sounds like something broke and let all of the magic smoke out from the
inside of the magic box.

Start proceeding on warranty claims.

Batteries and/or power cabling was checked, right??

Yeah, I pretty much tried everything. I was hoping I got it in some
funky mode, but I don't think so. I guess I'll get an RMA number and
send it in.

I sent my XRX back to them from Greece, no less, for a version update.
They were instantaneous in their comunications, however they kept the unit a
bit longer than estimated.
A vey good experience all-in-all.