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Default Flying Club Management Software

On Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 9:34:02 PM UTC-6, Bret Hess wrote:
Our club ( made the move to Freeflight for this season.

What do you pay for Freeflight? It's not obvious on their page.

Hi Brett:

Maurice offers several pricing models. We went with option #1 as our club had no interest or skill to take on the either #2 or #3.

1) The shared cost model. One off up front fee of £600 which covers initial setup and import of existing data, 12 months training and support (conducted via a combination of “how To” videos and remote hands on training using a combination of Skype and Mikogo (A screen sharing system which allows me to hand over control to the training participants.

Thereafter at £30/month to cover hosting fees and a little bit extra for my 7 years of development work.

Subsequent support is either by an annual contract at £250 or on an ad hoc basis at £25 per incidence

2) Purchase of a runtime license at £3950. The club would then be responsible for renting and maintaining its own server which really needs to be a scaleable cloud based server starting at 8Gb Ram dual core. The initial setup fee and first year support would be the same at £600

3) A territory license at £16,950. The licensee would again need to rent their own server and add the cost of an AwareIM developer license (Currently circa $1500 US) The licensee would then be able to host the software as a service for other clubs and set their own pricing structure.

There would need to be a non disclosure agreement in place and an undertaking not to host clubs outside of their own territory. I estimate the support cost for a territory license to be circa £1500 per annum to include all software updates - which as you know are ongoing. I plan to add purchase ledger by the end of this year.

To date, the only option in use is 1) - When you have priced up the cost of a scaleable cloud server, you will perhaps understand why. 3) may be an attractive option to larger clubs or governing bodies who wish to provide the service to smaller - less financially well off clubs, and with the addition of the Hobbs/Tacho pricing for motor gliders and other powered aircraft, an expanded market potential would make it a financially viable option.

With Option 1) the data always remains the property of participating clubs and as you know, almost all the reports have an option to export the data to a CSV file for data manipulation outside of FreeFlight (EG Excel PivoTables), local data backup and of course migration away from FreeFlight should anyone wish to.


Skype ID rocketmandlgc"

If you have further price specific questions, I am certain Maurice will be happy to field them.

I encourage you to do a demo with him, the software has a lot of great functions and for us particularly it was important to go with a proven piece of software.