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Dave Cobb
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Thanks Rene, it looks like an interesting video, but 25 Euros is a bit
pricey. If anyone buys a copy I'd be willing to "rent" it from you and
return it.


"Rene Heise" wrote in message
A copy (DVD/VHS) of this movie you can order new- for more details see:

3th october of 2003

A 45 minute programme, "Rodeo in the Sky", featuring the Mountain Wave
Project will be shown on the German TV-channel Radio Berlin
Brandenburg around 9.15pm on October 14. It covers historical aspects
of wave discovery and research as well as the sensational record
setting flights in the wave flying paradise of Argentina. It points
out the less benevolent effects waves and rotors occasionally have on
other branches of aviation and describes advances in understanding and
forecasting these phenomena. For more details see the website