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Default Ka-6 Rigging

Ka-6s go together quite easy. Left wing on first, bring it in square or
slightly tip forward. Get the drag pin in, then move the tip aft until
the lift fitting bottoms out. Put a stand under it to make the bottom of
the spar roughly parallel with the fuselage deck. The leading edge is a
straight line from tip to tip, so tell your tip person this. That will
get you right on the fore and aft part for the second wing, so the wings
can slide together. I always put the drag pins in before the main pins.

To get the main pins in, I always have to tell the new guys to hold onto
the spar when you push the pins in. If you don't, the fuselage will roll
back (ours sits on its wheel with a stand to keep it upright) if the
fittings were not absolutely perfectly aligned, and the fitings will go
out of alignment, making the pin impossible to put in. Is this maybe when
you start to have an issue? I always like to go up as required to get the
top pin in first, then go down and get the bottom pin. Once both wings
are in place, it should take less than 30 seconds to get the pins in.
With the wings sitting on pads beside the fuselage, putting each one on
shouldn't take much over 30 seconds from Lift to On.

We find it is easiest to have three people. This way, you can easily set
the wing onto the fuselage, with one person suporting the wing by the
laeding edge, and one supporting it by the trailing edge at the root. The
TE guy can also tell you what needs to happen to engage the lift pin. Oh,
and with three people, nobody has to lift over about 40 lbs, or do a lift
in an awkward stance that might hurt your back.

Steve Leonard