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Default Ka-6 Rigging

At 16:42 05 August 2008, Chris Reed wrote:

I owned a really cool Ka6CR, N6501D and I always needed someone to help me
rig it as [ at the time, things may have changed ] I could not find a self
rigger that would raise the wing high enough to work.

It is a real plus, once you fiqure it out, to have "it all ready to go"
so when you ask someone to help you, that you can pull the wings out with
no fuss and quickly get the pins in so your helper can move on. Take your
time the first few times you rig, with a patient helper so you can fiqure
out the angles, but after that you should only need a helper for 4 or 5
minutes to get the wings on, or off.
By the way, what a Totally Cool Airplane! Of ALL the aircraft I've flown
it was my favorite, super fun to fly ,easy to rig [ I did have a good
trailer which is a big help ] and good perfomance, I had several 500 km
flights in mine in Telluride Parowan and Ely, Just a all around
sweetheart, I wish I could have kept mine, but it did go to a ggod home
NicK Kennedy
At a minimum, make two trestles high enough for the wing tips when they
at approximately the correct rigging height. Aluminium step ladders with

pipe cladding on the top bar are good, if you can find them the right
height, though DIY wood is a bit cheaper and you can make a broad top to

allow some sideways movement.

This should mean (after some practice) that you can rig with just one
helper. Initially use two helpers to make sure you don't dislodge the
wing which is already in place.

The main point is that your helpers shouldn't have to take the weight of

the wings while you line everything up. No-one minds lifting a wing for
a few seconds (even my Open Cirrus wing), but holding up a tip for 5
minutes while attempts are made to line up the other can be really hard
work for someone who is past physical peak with a dodgy back (I think
that's most of us these days).

I used to fly a Grob Astir, and they have an undeserved reputation for
being tricky to rig. Once I invested in two trestles it was no problem
finding helpers.

vontresc wrote:
Well I finally got out in my (new to me anyways) Ka-6 the other day,
and I was wondering if anyone out there has some tips to make
assembling it any easier. Ideally I'd like to get to a system where I
wouldn't have to bother fellow club members too much for help. I
figure as long as I keep the beer fridge stocked with good beer, I
might keep my fellow member happy enough to continue helping me
rig :-)