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Default Ka-6 Rigging

I haven't flown a Ka6 CR, but I've helped assemble one many times..
Seems like it was always pretty easy with just the owner/pilot taking
the root end and me out on a tip. Left wing in first and the drag
pins inserted. Wing held up by his wooden stand. Now, right wing.
Drag pins in, then the main pins. Sometimes, he would have to run out
to the left wing and jiggle while I was still on the right wing.

I think one reason for "easy" rigging is we rigged at the trailer tie-
down area and not out with the "crowd" at the "assembly area" near the
runway. We had the space all to ourselves. No gaggle of
supervisors. No noisy towplanes. No guests asking a bunch of
questions. Just us two without interruptions.

Ray Lovinggood
Carrboro, North Carolina, USA