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Default Training Needed?

On Jun 8, 4:55*pm, R-Haggerty wrote:
On Wed, 8 Jun 2011 14:47:24 -0700 (PDT), Andy wrote:
On Jun 8, 2:15*pm, R-Haggerty wrote:

If your rating is unrestricted it was most likely not properly issued.


In 79 I passed an FAA private flight test using aerotow. I was issued
private glider aerotow only. Later I passed a commercial flight test
using aerotow. I was issued commercial glider aerotow only. In 1981 I
passed commercial and CFI flight test using winch lauch. *I was issued
and still, have "Glider" with no restriction on launch type. *FAA does
not require me to have any further training to fly any glider launch
type including self launch, since I acted as pilot of command of a
self launch glider prior to the "grandfather" date.

My certificate is "unrestricted" and was properly issued.


*That may be fine for you since you flew a self launch prior to the Grandfather
date, but the original poster did not mention that he flew self launch or any of
the other launch methods prior to the "date". *I have seen DPE's issue a glider
cert without the "aerotow only" *clause by mistake. *Do you think the FAA
questions the application or do they just go ahead and process it.

since 1997, issuing glider certificates WITH an "aerotow only" clause
would be a mistake