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Default Training Needed?

On Jun 8, 1:45*pm, CF wrote:
I've an unrestricted private glider rating issused before 1994.. I believe
this measns I don't need a self launch endorsement? *What training or
checkrides would I need to pilot a motorgliner like the Phoenix **I'm also an A&P I should be able to no my own

Please define what you mean by "unrestricted glider rating", please
forgive my non knowledge of any reference to 1994 as it would apply to
gliders, unless that is the date the FAA changed their certification

Older glider certificates were issued with "aero tow only" or "ground/
winch launch only" restrictions. Those were removed in the 90s and the
certificate simply says "glider. The type of launch method authorized
or approved is now an instructor endorsement under 61.31(j).

You are still governed under 61.31(j) and would need a logbook
endorsement from a qualified glider instructor for "self launch".