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Hm...I just read the proposed changes and I don't see that:

Am I missing something here?

What I read is that the current adiz requirements would be made
permanent. Where does it deviate from that?

This PDF hadn't been linked to the AOPA article last night, so I went
to bed thinking my flying days were effectively over after reading your

Now, after reading it, I think its what Michael said it is, a proposal
to make the ADIZ permanent.

I fly out of leesburg. The proceedures are really not that dificult or
time consuming for a plane with mode C:

-Call Flight service and file an ADIZ FP prior to flight. Five minutes
and can be done while driving to airport.

-Call CD prior to takeing off to get a code and departure freq.

-Call ATC and remain in contact after leaving the pattern (no need to
call if you are staying in the pattern)