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Default Close call -- glider ops

On May 5, 5:56*am, "Jay Honeck" wrote:
That damn split second governs all facets of our lives, not just flying.

I often ponder this when driving down a curvy 2-lane highway, with strangers
hurtling toward me at a combined speed of 140 mph. * Just two weeks ago an
acquaintance was killed when she drifted over the centerline on a curve and
hit someone head-on.

All it takes is a moment's inattention.
Jay Honeck
Iowa City, IA
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This is one of the reasons I like teaching flying, with the exception
of Take-off and landing there is little a student pilot can do that I
don't have a lot of time to react to. Now a driving instructor is a
brave soul.They may only have a split second to respond throughout
most of the lesson and often only have a brake pedal for a dual