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I will echo Charlie's suggestion of equestrian gloves. I've used them
for more than 8 years and would not use anything else. For Warm
weather I fly with white gloves, for cold weather I fly with a darker
color. Having used golf gloves for years in my early flying career,
the equestrian gloves are way better. I fly with the SSG All-Weather
Gloves; they come in many colors; I got mine by over the internet
through Dover Saddlery in the U.S..

All the best, Tim McAllister

On Feb 12, 10:07 am, wrote:
Good morning Neil,

I have been flying over the years with equestrian gloves. They are
lightweight, have a pebbled grip palm and are secured around the wrist
with velcro. I found them to be very comfortable, and have kept my
hands reasonably warm in wave flight. They wick away the moisture and
are washable. Any shop which sells stuff for riders would have them.
In addition, they are really inexpensive.

Cheers, Charles