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Neil wrote:
Does anyone have any recommendations for lightweight, but good "grip" gloves
for use when gliding, that would be available in or from the UK?

I'm looking for something with good "feel" and that won't slip from the
stick, or cable release, but that provides a degree of warmth when it's

I've seen some longer cuff power-pilots gloves in aviation stores, and eBay,
which are beyond wrist-length and have fire-proof uppers with leather
palm/finger areas. I don't think the fire-proos benefit is necessary (!)
and welcome any advice from anyone who may have used those or other better

The best pair of gloves I've owned are a pair of lightweight REI ski
gloves. The shells are thin polyester with leather palms and finger
under surfaces. The gloves are filled with Holofil fibre or equivalent.
They are warm and very flexible. I don't recall flying in them but I
wouldn't hesitate to do so in future - I can just about type (very
slowly) on this laptop in them. - the Vertigo over gloves look like the current
equivalent. I got mine in 2001 for about $20, but prices have moved on...

Unlike some other US retailers, REI still accept orders from outside
North America.


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