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Default Moderating r.a.p and r.a.s. Was: Absolute lowest altitude you can fly (legally)

"Montblack" wrote in message
("Jim Logajan" wrote)
Is there a particular reason why r.a.s and r.a.p are not moderated?

I currently moderate or co-moderate 5 newsgroups and have acquired some
small insights on moderation; here's what I think I know or have learned:

Ms X Maniac will pass ...while a moderator will be with us forever.

I vote NO!

Mont-Black also votes NO!
...and Paul votes NO!

I agree. There's WAY too much fuss over this character. There is no
substitute for simply not answering him if his posts bother people.
Personally, I don't even know he's there half the time unless I post on
someone in the same thread he's in. REALLY....he's no big deal at all, and
surely not worth moderating a group over him.
Dudley Henriques