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Dave Martin[_2_]
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Default Ka-6 Rigging

A few years ago at a site in Austria I saw a one man rigging kit for an
ASK6. It was basically an electric hospital patient lifting trolley/hoist.
Like a small fork lift truck.
The owner puller the fuselage out, followed by the wings, these were laid
on the ground alongside the fuselage roughly in place then placed on the
lifting hoist and raised into position.
The rigger had a control box on a long lead to manouvre the wing into
place. The whole thing looked precarious, but it worked. De rigging was
the reverse.

Unfortunately it took ages -- the owner refused all offers of help from
the numerous bodies who stood and watched. It was an ingenious triumph of
design and application. Sorry no pictures.

In understand there are electric one man rigging kits an with a similar
fly lead and a lot smaller than the one I have described

Dave Martin

At 15:15 05 August 2008, Bruce wrote:
The ingrates should be honoured to be allowed to touch the vintage
structure ;-)

vontresc wrote:
Well I finally got out in my (new to me anyways) Ka-6 the other day,
and I was wondering if anyone out there has some tips to make
assembling it any easier. Ideally I'd like to get to a system where I
wouldn't have to bother fellow club members too much for help. I
figure as long as I keep the beer fridge stocked with good beer, I
might keep my fellow member happy enough to continue helping me
rig :-)