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Default Dittel Speaker Box

On Friday, May 18, 2018 at 1:26:08 PM UTC-4, OHM Ω wrote:

You mention, "It working after taking the box off the mount points to the connectors." and that you have carrier without any audio. I would suspect either the microphone, the mic wiring (in/out of the speaker box), or the mic connectors (male and female) at the Dittel box. Especially the connectors.

If this is actually a Becker box then you can look at the Becker 4201 manual on page 2-8. See

Finally, I created a troubleshooting guide that MIGHT (maybe kinda) help you. I just added a section on the Dittel/Becker boxes. See

Best of Luck, John

Thanks for making this info available, John! I will use the trouble shooting guide and let you know what I find - bet it is something crazy simple.