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Default Pre Pan-American and 2018 Canadian National Gliding Competition

At 15:46 17 August 2018, Dave Springford wrote:

We'll also be looking for rental gliders for pilots from South America
and with Harris Hill only a few hours away, it is a good potential
source for rentals. Can you pass the word and see if you can find
any willing
Looking for 18 M, 15 M, Standard and Club Class gliders.
Also anyone at Ceaser Creek that could do the same would be

Dates: 14 days late July / Early August 2019 - exact
dates to be announced in 2018 when the schedule
of major US contests is known to avoid conflicts.
Competition Classes:
• 18m Class
• Handicapped Class
Number of Contestants:
• 5 entries per class per country plus up to 5 pilots
from outside the Americas
• Maximum 45 entries
• Entry fee 600 USD
• Tows: 50 USD per 2000 ft tow
Glider Rental:
Gliders are available for rent in the USA and to a
lesser extent in Canada.
Note: US gliders registered as “experimental” will
need a permit (approx. cost $100 CAD) to fly in