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Default Overhaul of 180HP Lycoming 0-360-A4M in a Skyhawk (C-172)

But what about the high time engine that is otherwise working just fine?
Compression good. Oil clean. not burning excessive oil.

My opinion is that if you have a properly working engine, no need to
overhaul it. There is some risk in flying it, but there is risk in
overhauling. The breakin period is risky time to fly. Spending all that
money is risky. There are risks everywhere.

I have an engine that is 2200 hours since new, never overhauled or
rebuilt. I am monitoring its oil filter and doing oil analysis at every
oil change. I think the risk/reward tilts toward just keep flying it
until I start using oil or metal wear shows up or the compressions go
down. My engine just keeps on ticking.......why risk replacing it?