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Default Pre Pan-American and 2018 Canadian National Gliding Competition

I couldn't agree more.* I had to pay a Mexican flight instructor who
knew absolutely nothing about gliders to ride along and be "Pilot in
Command" to get my Mexican registered Stemme from Monterrey, Mexico to
Laredo, Texas, USA, a trip of about 110 NM.* I was then legal to fly the
ship all over the USA on my US license until I got it inspected,
certified, and licensed in the US.

Each country has its own requirements regarding registration and
licensing and you simply have to "pay to play".* If you don't want to
pay the premium to fly your Experimental ship in Canada, don't enter the

On 9/1/2018 6:55 PM, wrote:
Following that logic US pilots should petition the FAA to eliminate the requirement that foreign pilots flying a US registered glider get their licenses validated and a biannual flight review. This costs quite a bit more than $100 Canadian. Canada does not have a similar requirement.

Good luck with that. And good luck getting Transport Canada to change its rules.

I'd say we're lucky that this simple procedure is ALL that we have to do to fly US experimental gliders in Canada.

On Saturday, September 1, 2018 at 5:55:41 AM UTC-4, RW wrote:
On Monday, August 27, 2018 at 8:32:33 AM UTC-4, wrote:
On Monday, August 27, 2018 at 1:19:45 AM UTC-4, RW wrote:
On Friday, August 17, 2018 at 2:15:06 PM UTC-4, Jock Proudfoot wrote:
At 15:46 17 August 2018, Dave Springford wrote:
We'll also be looking for rental gliders for pilots from South America
and with Harris Hill only a few hours away, it is a good potential
source for rentals. Can you pass the word and see if you can find
any willing
Looking for 18 M, 15 M, Standard and Club Class gliders.
Also anyone at Ceaser Creek that could do the same would be
Dates: 14 days late July / Early August 2019 - exact
dates to be announced in 2018 when the schedule
of major US contests is known to avoid conflicts.
Competition Classes:
• 18m Class
• Handicapped Class
Number of Contestants:
• 5 entries per class per country plus up to 5 pilots
from outside the Americas
• Maximum 45 entries
• Entry fee 600 USD
• Tows: 50 USD per 2000 ft tow
Glider Rental:
Gliders are available for rent in the USA and to a
lesser extent in Canada.
Note: US gliders registered as “experimental” will
need a permit (approx. cost $100 CAD) to fly in
I hope this $100 Canadians fee will be temporary removed,
or we can lobby for the same here.

SSA can make every entry of Canadian pilot in US pay extra $100.
All US pilots will get this $100 Canadians covered by our SSA.
We will be bit more than even.
Canadians have to fix it now or forever pay extra $100 for every pilot , every contest on US soil?

US contest committee will NOT be considering any predatory non constructive fees to our Canadian friends. They support our contests and we are glad to have them.

Thanks a lot Hank. My bluff was indented to motivate PanAm organizers to petition Transport Canada for temporary removal of fees.Thanks again.
Now also we know, you don't plan to go so you don't care about fees, but you publicly
stated that US contest committee is so much disconnected from racing pilots
wish. "will NOT" : never say never. 500 signatures , still never ?
I have many Canadian friends, and don't want them to pay any extra fees here.
I was many times invited by my Canadians friends to fly their nationals.
The only reason I didn't go, was their discriminatory extra $100 fee.
Dave,our ASG29 and Canadian ASG29 is the same glider.
FAA calls it experimental.Fee in Canada is only for the name.
If one contest would charge extra $20 for pilots with name Dave, would you still sign up ? It would be nice if you guys at least show us , you tried.
This could open a way to renew petition for every Canadian Nat, could be more fun . Also with this fee comes unpleasant job for organizers of reinforcing Transport Canada discriminatory rule.

Dan, 5J