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Default Groupflights: Recent personal records set in your club/group andrecent/all-time top flights

Groupflights, a new Python program, now updates club/group web pages to show recent personal flight distance and speed improvements, recent top flights and all-time top flights. Updated daily from WeGlide, OnLineContest, and SkyLines.

You can see a working example at

The most compelling pages for me are the most dynamic ones: 1) Recent Personal Records, which features group members who have improved their distance or speed over the past 24 months and 2) Recent Top Flights because it's recent and involves a few more members than the all-time top flights.

All the details are at

See also my previous message about the daily flights posting featu

If you're interested in using this for your club, I can help you set it up. If you use it, I'm interested to know.