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Default Garmin 430 rquestion- does the approach always have to be activatedvia "activate approach"?

Terence Wilson wrote:
One annoyance of the 430 is that activating an approach will
immediately set a course for the selected IAF (assuming RV not
selected). What I would like to do is append the approach to my
current flightplan so that I can transition en route to the approach
without further programming. But I'm concerned that a loaded,
unactivated approach will cause the 430 not to switch to approach
senstivity. I tried this in the simulator and found that it seems to
work fine, the sensitivity changes 2nm from the FAF and all is well;
but I'm hesistant to start using the method in the A/C.
Can someone else verify that it is ok? What method do you use?

You don't quite understand the activate approach function. It should
seldom be used. It's primary purpose is for a "pop up" VFR operation to
go from VFR directly to an IAF and begin a full approach.

The normal procedure is to load the approach. It will always activate
on its own two miles prior to the FAF.