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Default Garmin 430 rquestion- does the approach always have to be activated via "activate approach"?


Well suppose I am enroute and approaching the SGD VOR. At this point I
am getting close to my destination and want to setup the KCCR VOR
approach which starts at the CCR IAF. If I load and activate the
approach a megenta line will immediately be drawn from my present
position to CCR. Want I want is the route SGD, CCR ... KCCR.

I see. In that case, what's wrong with loading the procedure and then
waiting with activation until passing SGD.

Also, upon rereading the 430 manual I noticed that activating
vectors-to-final will always get you to the FAF. I could find no mention
of the automatic activation mentioned by someone. However, automatic CDI
switching (to VLOC) will only happen on an activated procedure, it

Thomas Borchert (EDDH)