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Default Best reduction drive for Subaru EA-81

On Monday, 17 April 1995 17:00:00 UTC+10, Steve Meassick wrote:
I will be installing a subaru EA-81 engine in the KR-2 that I am building and
was wondering which reduction drive on the market was the best. I know of a
couple of reduction drive manufacturers- RFI in Albuquerque, NM, Reductions in
Dugald, Manitoba, and possibly Formula Power in Concord, CA

Hi Steve, I have a complete packet Subaru EA 81 with Hirth 1 :2.25 reduction drive , tested and tuned pulling 195 Kg Trust in my test bench , 25 hours in the dynao. If you are interested Please phone Ben Johannesson 0427 476209 E mail [email protected]