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Default Boeing 737 fusalage on a rail car

"Terry M" wrote in message
This picture was posted by Glen Beans in a.b.p.rail as BNSF car
800117_2007-04-08_Aurora, NE

I'm in KC, and these fuselages are in our yards all the time. They
come from Spirit in Wichita, old Boeing plant. Renton builds wings and
assembles them. Paint shop is also there.

At times in the past, you'd see bunches of these green 737s lined up
on Boeing field in Seattle, obviously with engines and all assembled.
Still haven't got an answer why since that's their smallest field.

Big question is why the railroad moves them NE from Wichita, then
north to Omaha, before going across Nebraska and west to Seattle.
Maybe we ought to by the train guys a compass!

Cheers, Bob