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I must say that I'm not certain why the discussion over BRS has become so
heated. BRS is a tool - nothing more, nothing less.
Pilots are a diverse bunch - attitudes about their own abilities run the
gamut from cautious to cowboy. Some will view BRS as enabling them to take
risks they might not otherwise take - an unwise approach, IMHO. Others will
take comfort in the additional safety cushion, but will still work like hell
to avoid ever having to use it. This is, quite simply, human nature, and the
flames are completely unnecessary.
Give it a rest, for crying out loud.

Think of it as the equivalent of the ejection seat in military aircraft.
The BIG difference is, the military aviator is taught how to use the
seat, while the civilian pilot is not given any training other than
"pull this handle".

This is judgement training, something greatly lacking in civilian pilot
training. The mechanics of flight are taught, but not the logic of
decision making.

The best way I have heard it explained is this, "A military pilot will
not eject until he/she is absolutely certain that the circumstance they
find themselves in is not their fault." ;-)