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You're right!

Seems like each year a friend tries to talk me into taking them up to see
the fireworks from the air. I tell them it just isn't worth it. The view
from the air with all the ground clutter lights is less than spectacular.
Also, don't get to hear the fireworks, the booms just aren't loud enough to
be heard well over the engine (unless you get too close!). Much better
enjoyment from the ground with a beer in hand.

"Andrew Sarangan" wrote in message
. ..
Couple of hundred feet high is my guess. I have seen fireworks from the
air, and they are a dull event. They look like sparkles on the ground.
Don't waste your time. Fireworks are best viewed from the ground.

"Reid & Julie Baldwin" wrote in

As I watched some amateur fireworks displays this weekend, I thought
about what they would look like from the air. Before I fly in the
vicinity of a fireworks display, however, it would be nice to know how
high those flaming projectiles go.