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Default Sears Tools

While I wandered about the Web aimlessly, I heard Stuart & Kathryn
Fields say:
I recently purchased the Sears "Professional" Lithium batteried driver
drills. I purchased two because I was in the process of erecting a metal
building. The batteries and charger worked good but the keyless chuck on
both drills exhibit what I call "Auto Loosen". I have several other keyless
chucks in my shop and none of these exhibit the same characteristics. I
called Sears Customer Service to complain and they told me to visit my local
Sears dealer. The local Sears dealer told me to call Customer Service.
Whoa!! I've been a victim of that before. I will now look for my tool
requirements somewhere else.

Stu Fields

If the chuck uses a standard thread, can't you put a regular
key-operated Jacobs chuck on the drill instead?

Andrew P.

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