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Stuart & Kathryn Fields wrote:
Andrew: I've started looking at McMaster catalog and there are a bunch of
keyless chucks to choose from. I've got three other keyless chucks, one on
a makita cordless and haven't had any problems with them so I was surprised
to experience the "auto loosen" feature found in the Sears units. Yep after
dropping drill bits from on top of the roof and having to get all the way
down to retrieve it, I'm going to switch rather than fight.
The thing that caught my attention the most is the "run around" I received
when I voiced my complaint to Sears. All they would have had to do was
thank me and tell me they were assigning the problem to someone; blow some
smoke up my butt and I would have left thinking that Sears really supports
their customer. But no
Well there are other tool sources.

I had a similar problem with a B&D keyless. I simply replaced the
chuck with a Jacobs keyless. If you like the drills, this is an
inexpensive solution. I liked the results so much, I replaced the chucks
on all my drills. Cost me less than $100 to do 5 of them.

"Andrew P." [email protected] wrote in message
While I wandered about the Web aimlessly, I heard Stuart & Kathryn Fields
I recently purchased the Sears "Professional" Lithium batteried driver
drills. I purchased two because I was in the process of erecting a metal
building. The batteries and charger worked good but the keyless chuck on
both drills exhibit what I call "Auto Loosen". I have several other
keyless chucks in my shop and none of these exhibit the same
characteristics. I called Sears Customer Service to complain and they
told me to visit my local Sears dealer. The local Sears dealer told me
to call Customer Service. Whoa!! I've been a victim of that before. I
will now look for my tool requirements somewhere else.

Stu Fields

If the chuck uses a standard thread, can't you put a regular key-operated
Jacobs chuck on the drill instead?

Andrew P.

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