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Default Glider rating to LSA rating

Ok so,
1. With a self-launch endorsement and all my glider flight time CAN I
legally fly LSA aircraft without getting the LSA licence. What about
Canada. I need to get through Canada to get to Alaska...

2. If #1 is true, then can I fly any LSA aircraft above 10,000 with a
SL glider rating only.

3. If I wish to get a LSA licence - for Canadian purposes say - and I
use my SL glider rating, is it just a form to fill out to get that LSA
licence, or do I need to do flight training with LSA instructors etc.

4. If #3 requires LSA flight training, is any SL glider/glider flight
time worth anything.

Pops et al,

Your private pilot glider certificate includes the privileges of sport pilot. Your logbook includes the self launching endorsement (I presume).

Because you have the privileges of light sport, you can add on "ratings" for a large variety of other light sport categories (power, gyro, floats, etc..) by 1) "training to proficiency" with one CFI and being 2) "checked for proficiency" by another properly rated CFI. Send an 8710-11 to your friends at the FAA, and you are done. (Off topic, but good info - this alone does not constitute a flight review.)

If you do the above in a Light Sport Airplane, you can then fly that light sport airplane within all the limits 10,000/2,500', max airspeed, and so on..

All of your existing glider time "counts" although that's pretty meaningless in the sport add-on arena.

It's not hard to do, you just have to find a suitable LSA to fly.