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Default Glider rating to LSA rating

On Monday, May 23, 2016 at 4:39:16 AM UTC-4, Terry Pitts wrote:

Your private pilot glider certificate includes the privileges of sport pilot. Your logbook includes the self launching endorsement (I presume).

That I already have sport pilot privileges because I hold USA PPL-Glider certificate comes as a surprise.

The Portland ME FSDO told me I needed to obtain a student pilot certificate to solo a powered LSA, take the PPL-SEL written test and practical test with a DPE to obtain a LSA category rating.

People on RAS told me that I could not obtain a student pilot certificate because I already hold a PPL-Glider certificate and the FAA will not issue two certificates to the same person.

My written inquiry to the certification branch of the FAA in OK for clarification has gone unanswered for over a month.