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Dan Marotta
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Default Possible to convert Ventus Ct to Cm?

How about size, form factor, and weight?* How would the higher fuel
requirement affect the installation?

On 2/20/2020 8:15 PM, Mike N. wrote:
Thanks for the sarcasm, wothless and not helpful at all, but semi typical for R.A.S.

So let me spell it out for you, can I take a Ventus Cm Solo motor and control panel, and install it in a Ct?

As I stated in my O.P. I was just thinking out loud.
I realize it is not likely to be a viable option.
That being said, the motors in both the Ct and Cm are designed for easy removal and re-installation so the glider can be flown sans motor without to much effort.

Which is why I was thinking MAYBE it would not be too difficult to transition a Cm motor to a Ct.

Of course you'd have to know if the pylon mounts are the same, swap out the motor control panel, etc.

Thanks for any useful feedback.

Dan, 5J