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Default Anyone know what happened to Sky Life Flying Camp?

Wow! I was searching for the whereabouts of N2733U and found this! I attended Sky Life in the summer of 1980. I solo'd in 33U on August 10, 1980. I had never been in that 172 prior and had never flown a 172 at all. Back then, you booked a plane and a pilot. Knowing I was set to solo and nervous as heck, I booked the pilot (Lee Barnes) and forgot to book the plane. He yelled at me and announced we were taking the 172. It was the only time I ever flew that plane. We landed and with no warning, he hopped out and said take it. I did my solo pattern flight fortunately with no problem and flew a few more times.

I was never 'initiated' (some term!!!!). I was invited over to the house one night and something happened so I never went (I don't remember what but I ****ed Lee off in some manner). The guy who slept in the bunk above me went and and came back drunk and different...quieter. I never understood why and honestly never thought too much about it until reading this thread.

My heart mourns those that suffered from Lees abuse...and judging from this thread, there are plenty.

I am curious as to what ever happened to that old Cessna. BTW, it was a 1963. Black stripes if I remember correctly.