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C Knowles
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Just some observations.

The article is not clear on the fact that the 767 WILL have a drogue on
every mission, like the KC-10. It will not have multiple wing pods, only a
centerline hose. Hence it does not meet the "simultaneous" capability
required by the USN.

So why doesn't the AF have this desperately needed requirement? Because the
AF uses a boom that can offload fuel 2-3 times a fast, and requires less
cycle time? Maybe the USN should consider putting receptacles next to the
probes on their fighters, ala the F-101 and F-105. Or buy more KC-130s.

The pods on KC-10s are WARPs (Wing Air Refueling Pod) while the KC-135
version is the MPRs (Multi-Point Refueling System). Essentially the same
pod but not interchangeable.


"Henry J Cobb" wrote in message
Will the Air Force fulfill the Navy requirement for simultaneous
refueling capability and, if so, when?