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Things heard on the History and wings channel need to be taken with a grain of
salt. In the last week or so I have heard them report that Chas Lindbergs
flight to paris in 1927 took 19 hours and that Duke Chuningham was the last Ace
and he shot down 34 planes. You would think someone who listend to that stuff
during editing would at least have some idea about history and say that doesn't
sound right but who knows. Its like the internet if its in print it must be
true. Like all the crap stories about Jane F she is a traitor but lets keep the
story to only the sxxt she really did.

Apparently some people cannot recognize a chain-pull without
being hit over the head with a ;-.

However, warming up to the things you have brought up.

If one pays attention while watching the
History/Wings/Discovery/A&E empires, one can figure out
relatively easily which producers/production companies generally
put out accurate stuff and which ones don't.

Even that is not enough. Serious historians writing serious
tomes about history have been known to let errors creep in, or
even {gasp!} be biased about the topic they're writing on and
shade their work in the hope of instilling their view of the
topic in the reader.

Solution is the same in both cases. Never rely on a single
source [other, perhaps, than a trusted almanac for raw data on
dates/numbers/etcs.] when you are citing something as recognized

As to the specific old hoodoo post. I have no idea if what the
Black Sheep pilot, presumably a contemporary who flew with
Boyington in VMF-214, was telling was the truth or not. [If I
ever saw the show, and as a retired Marine I would have if it
came to my attention, that specific item didn't register. Which
suggests that, if I did see the show, it might have been an
off-hand comment, inconsequential in terms of the thrust of the
entire show.] Neither, probably, did the producers, or the
History Channel. All they could do was present the interview as
a FWIW and let the viewer make their own call.
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