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nt (Krztalizer) wrote:

Agree, OJ -

it might have been an
off-hand comment, inconsequential in terms of the thrust of the
entire show.] Neither, probably, did the producers, or the
History Channel. All they could do was present the interview as
a FWIW and let the viewer make their own call.

I've seen RAF veterans recall how they witnessed "rocket flak" roaring around
the skies over Berlin in 1944, similar statements about encounters with Me 163s
_at night_. When these guys were young and going through terrifying ordeals,
they saw something that left an indelible imprint, however, it was not what
they thought. But after 6 decades of their minds trying to sort out what it
was, its sometimes impossible (and unkind) to successfully convince the witness
that their memory has failed them.

Just so, Gordon. And it's not even combat memories. I know
damned well that the USN and USMC took Gavabutu and Levu-Vana
islands during WWII, but damned if I can find them in any history
books now. I've even seen the film footage, so I know it

[OK, I wasn't gonna do it, but in light of how this started ...
Anyone that missed the goiter-sized swelling in my cheek as I
typed the above isn't psychic enough to warrant consideration as
a regular in r.a.m.n. This ain't r.a.m, after all. We can tell
the real from the BS and the tongue-in-cheek here.]
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