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Default Bobcat /Supercat

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I just purchased a supercat kit that has many of the basic elements built, but not covered. The plans are old and fragile and I am looking for a set of plans in good shape, new being preferred. Someone else selling a partially built kit said that there was still a source for plans, but I haven't found any verification of this.
I'd be grateful for any assistance in locating plans

Paul Hardy

anyone still active on here or looking for plans for the supercat?? i might have a place to get them

That is a long dead design. Bowdler bought the rights in 1994 and dissolved in 1997. This thread goes back to 2000.

It is not a dead design and plans are still available. I aquired the rights from Bruce Bowdler when he went out of business and have updated the plans to correct some of the mistakes. My plane now has 1100 hours on it and the Rotax 503 and I still fly it today.