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Montblack wrote:

Not sure I understand who is the bad guy here. Who is making the "bogus"

No one is making "bogus" parts. Sierra Hotel bought the type certificate and
can make new parts. Classic-Aero bought the parts inventory. SH is saying that
C-A's parts are bad because SH owns the type certificate.

Sierra Hotel Aero bought, at auction, the Navion type certificate (etc) this
past December. Are they now trying to protect their auction purchase -
Navion's type certificate. Is this a bad thing in Navion owners' eyes, or a
good thing?

Having SH own the type certifiicate is good, but it is also good to have 9
truckloads of parts available.

Are others making parts without Sierra Hotel Aero's ok. Do they need the ok?

An owner can make parts for thier own airplane. C-A is selling parts that were
made by the factory 50 years ago.

Is this where the battle lines are? Who's winning so far?

I think they will both win (I hope)

What do you project the fuel burn per hour numbers will be in you Navion?
Will it be fuel injected? IO550. Does the "I" stand for in-line or (fuel)

It's injected. I'm not sure what the fuel burn will be, but it will be great
when it's done. I expect 16 + or so??

Will you get a paperwork increase in useful load with the bigger HP engine?

I don't think we will as we already had a 260 HP and the tips. We had to
re-engine as we didn't have one that worked and the 520 or the 550 is the way to
go. The 550 became available and we grabbed it.