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Default FA : Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane

Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane
Hardcover : 256 pages.

If you're a pilot or have ever dreamed of becoming one, you'll love this
book! Greg Brown takes readers into the cockpit of his small plane and
shares all the struggles, triumphs and the crazy adventures of a pilot
from his novice days through today, with several decades of experience
behind him. In the course of these adventures, Flying Carpet shows not
only how people fly - but why. The author's adventures take place in the
course of every type of mission from surmounting family emergencies to
visit unusual destinations - in ways that only travel by airplane
allows. Pilot readers will be stimulated to pursue similar destinations
in their own flying carpets. Aviators seeking purpose for their flying
skills will find it here.

I found the book immensely readable. The language is simple and
straightforward and the stories are broken down into short chapters,
each a separate adventure, which is ideal if your reading time is
limited. I also liked the variety of stories -- some were harrowing,
some were downright hilarious and all of them made me wish I had been
along for the ride. Hardcover : 256 pages.

About the Author: Greg Brown has long wandered the skies of North
America with family and friends. His love of flying is apparent to
anyone who reads his Flying Carpet column in AOPA Flight Training
magazine, or his stories in AOPA Pilot and other publications. An
aviator since 1972, Greg was 2000 National Flight Instructor of the
Year, winner of the 1999 NATA Excellence in Pilot Training Award, and
the first NAFI Master Flight Instructor. He holds an airline transport
pilot certificate with Boeing 737 type rating, and flight instructor
certificate with all fixed-wing aircraft ratings