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Default LS6 (a, b) NEO

Dan Daly wrote on 9/24/2020 2:59 PM:
On Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 5:07:54 PM UTC-4, Patrick (LS6-b EH) wrote:
We've been looking at this for the LS6-b I co-own. At last check, technical documentation to share with our installer was only for the 4... I'm not sure if they are fully ready on the 6, but they indicate that they are. I gather it's the same part, but may be behind on documentation...

The challenge for us (me) is that the Neo winglets reduce the max cockpit weight (pilot and 'luggage') by 10kg, which for us (me) is a deal-breaker.

I see on their website, that for the LS-4, "...Max. cockpit load may be increased!" Tell them you'd like the same thing for the LS-6b (don't wait for the tech bulletin to come out). If not, maybe ask if a redline reduction could be traded for cockpit load. They won't do these things if you don't ask; they still might not, but at least you tried.

I can imagine why the cockpit load would be reduced, but have no idea why it would

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